I am a postdoctotoral researcher in sociology at INRA (IRISSO, Paris-Dauphine University). My current researches focus on AMR within ROADMAP projects (INRA/IRISSO).

I work on global health policies, especially on the regulation of human, ecosystem and animal health. My previous researches focus both on the construction of One Health categories, its impacts in terms of governance and professional groups involved (vets, medical professions, ecologists) and the interactions between Global Health and Biodiversity.

Besides, I did a PhD in political science which tackles the evolution of the State inspectors working at slaughterhouses, doing some “dirty work” in the ministry of Agriculture but also the French meat safety public policy. I propose an ethnography of the slaughterhouse, through the work of sanitary controllers. I am interested in the occupational health issues of these inspectors in charge of meat control in slaughterhouses and wonder how the working conditions and MSDs of these agents impact the legitimacy of their mission, modify the representations related to their profession and thoroughly question their professional group.

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