Seminar 2022-2023


One Global Health

Knowledge, Markets & Regulations

Virtual seminar the 3rd Thursday of each month from 12:30 to 2pm

Within the framework of the ANR AMAGRI project, this seminar aims at presenting and discussing recent investigations on the issues of markets and drug regulation in human and animal health, particularly in relation to the emergence of antimicrobial resistance. For its third year, we have decided to embrace health issues more broadly by expanding our theme to the One Health approach, i.e. the analysis of interdependencies between human health, animal health and environmental health. Each session will be devoted to a cross-cutting issue, and will present completed or ongoing research on pandemics, antibiotic residues, the exposome, animal disease surveillance, etc. 

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Thursday 20 October 2022 (12:30-2 pm) : One Health : resarch object and pratice

  • Frédéric Keck (CNRS)
  • Aurélie Binot (CIRAD)

Thursday 10 November 2022 (12:30-2 pm) : Pandemics

  • Anne Rasmussen (EHESS)
  • Paul-Arthur Tortosa (Université de Strasbourg)

Thursday 15 December 2022 (12:30-2 pm) : Knowledge and monitoring

  • Sandrine Ruhlmann (CNRS)
  • Nicolas Lainé (IRD)

Friday 10 March 2023 (12:30-2 pm) : ANIPHARM Project

  • Mathieu Quet (IRD), Marine Al Dahdah (CNRS), Mariana Bombo Perozzi Gameiro (IRD), Thibaut Serviant-Fine (IRD)

Thursday 16 March 2023 (12:30-2 pm) : Health problem(s) and environment 

  • Rémi Eliçabe (Groupe Recherche Action), Amandine Guilbert (Groupe Recherche Action) et François Thoreau (Université de Liège)
  • Laura Barbier (Université de Paris)

Thursday 20 April 2023 (12:30-2 pm) : R&D and drug markets

  • Koichi Kameda (Fiocruz)
  • Mady Barbeitas (EHESS)

Thursday 15 June 2023 (12:30-2 pm) : AMR in global contexts (session in English)

  • Andrea Butcher (University of Helsinki)
  • Muriel Figuié (CIRAD)

Thursday 29 June 2023 (12:30-2 pm) : Around the book Sortir des crises. One Health en pratique

  • Sébastien Gardon (ENSV), Amandine Gautier (ENSV), Gwenola Le Naour (IEP de Lyon) et Serge Morand (CNRS)


For any question, please do not hesitate to contact Lucile Benoit (, Clémentine Comer (, Jospéhine Eberhart (, Aurélien Féron ( and Nicolas Fortané (