I have been a PhD in political science since 2017. My research combines the sociology of professional groups, public action, collective mobilizations and gender studies.

My doctoral work focused on the institutionalization of professional equality policies in agriculture and the structuring of a female participation within professional organizations. I am also conducting research on the history of feminist and lesbian struggles. A first postdoc led me to work on the market of complementary social protection for territorial civil servants, while another collective project led me to investigate the construction of the public problem of asbestos in the State civil service.

Within the AMAGRI collective, I am conducting an investigation focused on the pig and poultry industries in order to study the evolution of the economic models of the veterinary profession (structuring of holdings and networks of practices, development of services or goods on the animal health market) as well as the involvement of the profession at the different levels of production and distribution of veterinary drugs.