I am a senior researcher in sociology at INRAE (French Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research), based at IRISSO, Paris-Dauphine University, and currently Honorary Assistant Professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, collaborating with the AMIS team and the AMR Centre.

I work on animal health policy and the veterinary profession, especially on the regulation of veterinary medicines. My research focuses on the controversies and governance of the AMR problem, the transformations of farm animal veterinary medicine, the veterinary drug market and the role of farmers and the livestock industry in antimicrobial stewardship. I am the PI of AMAGRI and ROADMAP projects.

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From nightmare to promise. Rethinking AMR narratives

Published on 07/04/2020

The problem of antimicrobial resistance is nowadays framed through a dystopian narrative, based on the fear of a world without antibiotics. It is urgent to rethink our understanding of the...